Training and Internship program in Embedded systems and IoT

We select a few talented and unconventional young minds to train with us in embedded technology giving them the opportunity to row along side us in industrial projects and product development, providing them the exposure and expertise to build a successful career in embedded technology.

What we provide

At Terrasolis we provide the trainees an extensive training in embeeded systems and IoT. Our trainers are experienced professional in the field and take you to an in-depth learning path. For every theory and concept you learn we back it up with equal hours of lab an practical implementation, so that your knowledge is solidly based on implementation rather than learning. We have theory classes and labs setup for the same. Once successfully completed the training of 12 weeks, you will be subjected to a test and evaluation based on which candidates will be selected for internships on our live projects.

Our vision

Our strong vision with this training and internship program is to culture a unique bunch of skilled, learnt embedded professionals and passover our knowledge base to them. From the trainees we will further condense a shorter team to work on our projects. Whether the trainees work with us or elsewhere, we are sure they will stand out from the crowd of engineering bachelors with their special skillset, knowledge and experience. The program will be a solid boost to jump start their careers ahead of others and on an elevated path.

How you benefit

You benefit by learning core embedded skills that you will never acquire from engineering classrooms. You get valuable lab time with cutting edge technology and tools. You get theoretical and practical experience vital for further job procurement. You get to work on live projects within the company. You develop communication skills and team working. We conduct mock tests and interviews. You are trained to view problems analytically and logically and find practical solutions. We also provide placement assistance.

How we are different

We are different in several ways. We dont have large class sizes which is non beneficial for students. We only select a maximum of 12 students per batch which enable us to give individual attention and guidance. Unlike an institute we concentrate equally on practicals as much as the theory. You get to learn from being a part of live industry projects rather than academic projects. You get the exposure of the R&D cycles and procedures, and a lot more.


Module 1 : (4 Weeks)

  • Embedded C
  • Basic C language &
  • Advanced data structures in C
  • Microcontrollers, Instructions, registers, clocks
  • Arduino: programming, sensors, interfacing and control

Module 2 : (4 Weeks)

  • Hands-on training in 8 bit microcontrollers
  • Programming on 8 bit core
  • IO ports, Timers, Counters, Interrupt
  • PWM, energy control, DAC
  • ADC, sensor measurements
  • Parallel Communication, LCD Interface, Keypad
  • Serial Communication USART, UART, Hyper terminal

Module 3 : (4 Weeks).

  • Hands on training in 32 bit Microcontroller
  • In-circuit debugging and programming.
  • I2C – EERPOM, RTC interface, Vector Interrupts
  • SPI- Serial LCD, Flash memory
  • CAN basics
  • IoT
  • Wifi module(Esp 8266 ) GPRS module SIM 900, http, TCP-IP

Duration and fees

Training duration is 12 weeks. Classes will be conducted 5 days a week , 4 hours per day. Mostly we have 2 hours for theory and two hours for lab. We have flexible fee payment options. For details please contact us.


Is this program for current engineering students or graduates?

There are regular day batches and evening batches suitable for both.

Can diploma students join?


Which branches are suitable for this course?


Will I have placement assurance?

Placement depends on your caliber and performance. We will placement assistance, and workshops for improving interview skills.

Is degree mandatory?

No, current students can join,

Is there EMI for fee structure?


Where is the company located?

Refer address

Do I get study material?

Yes, only soft material. No hard copies.